About Cory

Decades later, I’m still not sure how I ended up as an English teacher.

My school years were marked by a love of science, technology, construction, and a little history. English was tolerable, but not the highlight of my day. Probably because of that string of less-than-inspiring English teachers.

Somewhere in high school, I fell in love with the written word. First, in the books that I devoured. From there, it morphed into the words that came out of my pen (no laptops then!)

As I started to write for myself, then for college newspapers and literary magazines, something else happened: I started to love teaching writing.

I helped my classmates out with their bland prose and dry reports. I started tutoring in the University writing center. I worked my way up to editor-in-chief of the paper.

And that was it.

I earned my bachelor’s degree in English education from the University of Michigan, and later a Master of Education and an equivalent certification as a library media specialist.

Now I look back at a career helping students find their voice and leverage the power of the written word to convey their ideas, convince admissions officers, win funding for their education, and express themselves for the sheer pleasure of it.

And more recently, I’ve worked with colleagues to edit their own work they hope to launch out into the educational universe. And I have the pleasure of working with amazing companies and organizations to make real educational changes and impact.

As much as I am a tech geek, I also need to get outside….often. My wife and I have two teenage boys and live in Southeast Wisconsin, and we love to travel, hike, camp, kayak, and sit around the campfire.